Research in the Cognitive Medical Technology and Robotics Lab focuses on the application of robotics and artificial intelligence to create new lifesaving technologies. Specific focus areas include surgical robotics and the development of novel medical devices. Our overarching goal is to develop solutions to improve existing medical procedures and enable new ones that are not possible with current instrumentation.

Are you interested in collaborating with us? We are always looking for new ideas and clinical areas to work on. Please, contact us or have a look at the Opportunities page.

External Collaborators

Our research is conducted in collaboration with a number of academic and clinical partners. Currently active collaborations include:

  • Robert J. Webster III, PhD MEDLab, Vanderbilt University, United States

  • Robert F. Labadie, MD, PhD CAOS Lab, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, United States

  • Elena De Momi, PhD Near Lab, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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